If you take a poll and ask people where their dream location is to live, we guarantee a major portion of the group would name a coastal town as their ideal destination. Living by the ocean has been a draw for people for many years. Waking up to beautiful sunrises, the scent of saltwater in the air, the sounds of waves crashing against the rocks, these are just some of the reasons that people list as their favorite reasons for wanting to move into the Margate real estate market or other beautiful shore towns in New Jersey.

Yet, there’s more to living in a shore town than having the beach within walking distance away. In fact, studies show that living near the ocean can do wonders for your health, physically and mentally. Here’s how

Encourages Outdoor Recreation
With gorgeous weather and beautiful views, you would never want to spend every single day cooped up in the house. Even rainy days by the shore are worlds better than being rained on anywhere else. The beautiful landscape promotes outdoor recreation. Whether it’s biking through town or fishing on the rocks, shore town living makes it easy to get out and enjoy the sun.

Promotes Fitness
Living by the beach, the dress code is just different. Bikini tops and swim trunks are regular parts of your wardrobe. You’ll always want to look your best in your bathing suit, so fitness is usually at the top of people’s minds. Beach yoga, a run in the sand, or swimming in the ocean are all great exercises to incorporate into your routine.

Decreases Stress Levels
It’s almost impossible to have a single stress in the world when you have gorgeous waves to look upon daily. Living by the ocean creates a serene peace and Zen-like atmosphere that rejuvenates your body and mind. You’re more likely to unplug from your electronic devices and take in your natural surroundings.

Stop dreaming and start doing. With a number of great Brigantine homes for sale, you can get a piece of the relaxation pie for yourself.